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There are about 78 million dogs owned by individuals and families in the Unitied States. With so many pets, it's no wonder there are countless pet-related accidents every year. As Dog Bite Attorney in Ogden, UT, The Morgan Law Firm is familiar with the statistics regarding dog bites and dog-bite victims. His experience and knowledge of dog attack laws will help ensure clients they’re compensated for their suffering from any physical and psychological injury and expenses.

Ogden, Layton and Surrounding Areas: Dog Bite Compensation

Between medical bills, lost time at work and even therapy expenses, there are a number of costs that dog-bite victims face. Therefore, if the victim is not properly compensated, they will have to pay out of pocket expenses. In Utah, dog owners are often held liable for unexpected actions of their pets, even if they have no indication of a violent or dangerous predisposition. 

Our Ogden dog bite attorney is well-versed in the intricacies and state-specific laws surrounding dog attacks and bites.

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